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Journals of a Digital Imaging Pioneer: Star Trek II

by Sonya Shannon on August 29, 2010

Sonya Shannon at Omnibus, from Toronto Star

Sonya Shannon and colleague working on special visual effects for "Star Trek II: The Search for Spock," Toronto, 1984.

I have my mother to thank for suggesting I keep a journal. When I was about twelve, she encouraged me to write down my thoughts so that one day in the future, I could look back over where I had been, who I was, and what was important at the time. I had no idea then that I would end up on the forefront of graphics technology, among the first artists to pioneer the world of computer generated imagery with our own hands. Or that, when I look back now—almost forty years later—at that mess of words, sketches, scribblings, I will find the story of those early days, the birth of new art forms on the wild digital frontier.

I was lucky enough to witness the birth of new art forms on the wild digital frontier.

This site is intended to share the records I kept and still keep today. It is the log of a digital imaging pioneer who struggles daily, amazed at the technological developments of our time, their effects on artists, their consequences on society.

In looking over my old notes, I feel I am revisiting a country that was as foreign then as it is now, a realm of an expanding global mind, each screen one facet of a multiple-eye that simultaneously watches and displays us to ourselves, each self one small cell of the giant organism of humanity.

I am more than grateful to all my teachers and students, my family and friends who supported, encouraged, and ultimately joined me in the digital revolution.

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