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About Artware Studios

Sonya Shannon, Creative Director

Sonya’s expertise in catching the eye is honed by success in broadcast TV, theme parks, and Times Square.

Sonya ShannonSonya is a digital arts polymath, whose long experience with technology and art is coupled with a passion for serving her clients. Her distinctive illustration style is shaped by her training in classical, hand-drawn animation — combined with expertise in digital color, computer animation and VFX. Sonya creates eye-catching illustrations for advertising, editorial, publishing, and web clients. She extends her artistic and communication skills to logo design, web site implementation, and a range of graphic treatments. She is also a master photographer and videographer with a rare sense of beauty, wonder, timing, and humor.

Her early career as a computer animator in rapid-change, image-saturated environments sharpened her skill to capture mass audience attention. As a Creative Director at Broadway Video and other major studios, she became a master storyteller and character designer. A much-loved teacher at Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts MFA animation program, Sonya is an international lecturer who has introduced hundreds of artists to digital imaging. Beyond surpassing client expectations with her outstanding artwork, she is known for her warmth, resourcefulness, patience and encouragement.

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Timothy Binkley, Ph.D., Software Architect

Tim brings to each project a deep intimacy with the computer’s workings: technical, social, and cultural.

Tim BinkleyTim Binkley mastered web and app programming after a career as a computer artist and philosopher of digital culture. His interactive installations have appeared in art galleries from New York City to Beijing, China, and are in the permanent collections of The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and the Tempozan Contemporary Museum in Osaka, Japan. He founded the New York Digital Salon and the School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art Department, where he served as Director of Computer Education and taught programming and media culture to visual artists.

In the late 1990s, Tim masterminded the GAIN software engine for games and media-rich applications. His Symmetry Studio software was the first of its kind for surface design and a favorite of menswear designer Jhane Barnes. He is the author of three books and numerous articles on art, media and culture, as well as custom software applications. Tim is a favorite figure at The American Society for Aesthetics.

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